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Part Two

"Rollie," Dannielle Vandenglas said as she entered the trailer she’d been told was his. She’d had to promise the director that she was only going to wake Rollie in order to get the information mind you, but she was anxious to see him and willing to promise anything.

Once inside she looked around and was surprised at the amount of equipment taking up space. "Couldn’t Angie have taken some of this stuff in her trailer?" Danni thought as she stepped around equipment while she headed for the bed. The sight of Angie Ramirez sharing that bed with Rollie Tyler stopped Danni short. She stared at the two of them for several moments noticing little things; like how close Rollie held Angie to him and how tightly Angie held onto his waist.

Looking at them Danni knew she could easily jump to conclusions about what was going on, but the fact that they were both obviously dressed kept her from shrieking in rage. Danni move closer to the bed and shook the two effects artists.

"Huh!? Wha...? Who...? Danni love, how are you?" Rollie exclaimed moving from incoherent sleepy mumbling to a wide awake, bushy tailed Aussie. He sat up and in the process he dislodged Angie and woke her up as well.

"I’m fine Rollie," Danni replied, her lightly accented voice laced with barely suppressed anger. "But, if I may ask, what are you and Angie doing sharing a bed?"

"Because there are no other trailers and quite obviously nowhere else in this trailer to sleep," Angie replied standing up and stretching, then she moved towards the other end of the trailer. Her movements caught Rollie’s eye and, without realizing it, he momentarily stared. Angie didn’t notice anything unusual for Rollie often observed her when she stretched, (?) but Danni noticed and couldn’t help wondering.

"Yeah, I even suggested that I would ‘bunk’ with you but Tom axed that idea very quickly. It seems he doesn’t want either you or Jim Matrim distracted by possible relationships with others. So you two, being the stars of the show, are the only ones with your own private trailers. All the others have two or more people in them. Since we were the last two in, and Tom had designated this trailer as mine, Angie, it ends up, has to bunk with me for the duration of this shoot. But, then again, so does a bunch of our equipment," Rollie said standing up, wrapping one arm around the beautiful actress, and pointing at the sundry items which occupied most of the available space.

Danni felt her anger drain away as she realized that neither Angie nor Rollie had planned to share the cramped quarters. "I think I’ll talk to Tom and see if I can persuade him to ignore the clause in my contract and let Rollie bunk with me," she thought, a slight smile forming at the possibilities.

A crash from the other end of the trailer, followed by a loud yell of pain and anger, drew Danni from her musings. It also drew Rollie from arms as he rushed forward saying, "Ang, you all right?!" The tone of his voice, and not just his words, expressed his concern for the young woman he’d known for so long. Slowly Danni followed him.

The sound of a crash followed by a cry of painfilled anger quickly drew Rollie’s attention from his girlfriend. "Ang, you all right?!" he called out rushing towards his friend. The sight which greeted his eyes drew a reluctant smile to his lips.

"Don’t you dare laugh Rollie Tyler!" Angie exclaimed which, of course, caused Rollie to burst out laughing. "Rolllliiiieee! It’s not funny!" she cried as she struggled to stand up.

Even as he moved forward to help her Rollie kept laughing. The sight of his ever resourceful assistant trapped by clothing and suitcases was amusing. "How did you manage to do this?" he asked moving a large suitcase which was trapping her legs against the wall.

"It was your fault Rollie," Angie answered crossly. "You put your luggage on top of mine. I tried to pull your stuff down so I could get to mine and it all fell on top of me." As soon as she was able to Angie stood up and looked at the mess surrounding her. With a sigh she said, "Now I’ve got to sort out our clothes. At least we have a day to set up our equipment."

"I’ll help you Ang," Rollie said, just before a knock at the door interrupted him.

"Hey Rollie," Tom said when Rollie opened the door. "Nice boxers," he commented with a quick glance at the Sylvester and Tweety print boxers Rollie was picking up from the floor. "Ahhh, Danielle," he said, catching sight of one of the stars of the movie. "We need you on set m’dear." With a quick goodbye to Rollie and Angie, Tom hustled Danni out the door.

"You know something Rol?" At Rollie’s questioning look Angie continued, "They are nice boxers. But, then again, so are the others." Smiling she held up two more pairs of Looney Tunes boxers.

Smiling gently at her teasing Rollie said, "I thought so. Now let’s get this stuff cleaned up, get dressed, and get the equipment set up." He looked around, "That might give us a little more room."

Quickly the two sorted through the clothing. Various articles caused comment from one or both of them and there was much laughter between the two friends. With equal speed they dressed, backs to one another, and ate their breakfast. The rest of the day continued in a rush as they set up the equipment to be used over the next few weeks. When the equipment was set up they started organizing the smaller tools to be used during the shoot.

"Oh God, I’m exhausted," Angie complained stepping into the trailer just behind her boss. "Why is it the first day always seems to wear me out more than all the other days combined?"

"I think it’s all the lifting we need to do in order to set the equipment up," Rollie replied, then grunted, "Oh, my aching back!" Angie smiled as her boss groaned and moaned. "Did we get everything done Ang?" he asked.

"Yeah, I think so. Lord, I hope so. I don’t want to have to spend tomorrow, my one day off in this whole shoot, doing more than organizing this trailer and the layouts of the effects we have to do." Angie looked around the still crowded trailer and said, "You know, despite all the equipment we moved we still don’t have any room in this trailer. Everything is just a little bit shorter than it was this morning." With that she grabbed one of her suitcases from the top of a pile of suitcases and headed towards the bed at the other end.

Slowly, with much moaning and groaning, Rollie followed her. The sight of his best friend digging through her suitcase brought a brief smile to his face. The smile was quickly replaced by a grimace as his body protested the days activities. With some care Rollie sat down on the bed. His back to Angie he slowly drew his shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor. That done he continued to sit, he was too tired to move, too tired to finish preparing for bed. Moments later Angie moved in front of him, her slender form once more encased in shorts and her Mickey Mouse nightshirt.

"Come on boss," she murmured as she helped Rollie stand up, "Time for bed."

With Angie’s help he got moving again and was able to finish getting changed. With a tired smile he thanked Angie for her help then, with an equally tired groan he lay down.

Yet, despite his exhaustion, he couldn’t get to sleep. He listened as Angie moved around the trailer quietly re-arranging things. A few minutes later the light was turned out and he felt the mattress shift as the young woman lay down. With that he fell asleep, a slight smile on his face.

End Part Two
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