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Author's Chapter Notes:
This story is in response to the challenge on Megan's F/X page. Check it out.
A Gentle Rain

A post ‘Red Storm’ story


EMAIL ADDRESS: meana@borderline-angel.com

FANDOM: F/X: The Series

RATING: PG right now

FOCUS: Rollie/Angie

STATUS: new, unfinished

SPECIAL WARNINGS: Mention of rape, angst

ARCHIVE: My sites: ...Mightier Than the Sword and Romantic Intentions, otherwise ask first.

DISCLAIMER: This story is an original work of amateur fiction, and is written purely for private entertainment. This story is no way affiliated with any organization that owns an interest in the show.

EPISODE SPOILERS: The series finale.

SUMMARY: A 'Red Storm' challenge story. The after effects of Loubar's actions.

NOTES: This story is in response to the challenge on Megan’s F/X page. Check it out.


Part One

Rollie Tyler was worried…worried about his best friend and partner, Angela Ramirez. She hadn't been herself since the night with Victor Loubar. Despite her best efforts, she couldn't hide the effects of bad nights. Bags under her eyes were made even more livid by the young woman's pale skin. It was equally obvious that she wasn't eating properly. Her clothing no longer fit the way it used to; it hung loose on her slender frame. The most important person in his life was slowly disappearing before his very eyes and he didn't know how to help her.


"Rollie!? Rollie, are you listening?" Danielle Vandenglas asked. Her pale eyes glanced briefly at the handsome man then followed his fixated gaze. Angie! He was staring at Angie again. Since her return from a modeling shoot in Greece she had tried getting Rollie to ask her out again several times but he never took the hint. Instead he was so focused on his assistant that she felt like screaming.

"Hmmm? Yeah, I'm listening," Rollie answered absently as he watched Angie walk across the set carrying a rather bulky box. He wanted to rush over to her and take the awkward load out of her arms but he knew that such an action would result in Angie blasting his ears off at his 'interference.'

"She needs to see a doctor," Rollie thought, noticing the exhausted set of her shoulders.

Even as he watched he noticed an oddness to Angie's step, a slight hesitation. Before he could think about it, he was running towards her leaving a shocked Danni behind him. Just as he reached the young woman who was such a big part of his life, she dropped the box she was carrying with a resounding crash. She would have followed the box to the ground, as consciousness fled, but Rollie caught her and eased her limp form to the floor.

"Angie?! Sweetie!?" Rollie cried anxiously as he almost felt his heart stop. Gently he stroked her cheek as his eyes desperately looked for signs that she was about to wake up.

"Here," somebody said to him as they thrust a cloth and a bowl of water at him. "Use this to bathe her face."

Quickly Rollie wet the cloth and wrung it out, then with a firm but gentle hand, he ran the cloth over Angie's face. The cool wetness soon roused the unconscious woman.

Slowly, tiredly, Angie opened her eyes. When she saw who held her she jerked and began to shake, her mind caught up in a whirlwind of memories…memories of Rollie's face with the evil of Victor Loubar hidden behind it.

"Shhhh, it's okay, Ang. It's me, Rollie. You're safe," he softly reassured her. Hearing the soothing words, the familiar voice and tone she gradually stopped shaking.

"Oh God, Rol, I'm sorry!" she cried sitting up.

"It's okay, Ang. I understand," Rollie reassured her as he shifted position so he could support her slight form. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," Angie said then glanced around and noticed all of the worried people surrounding them. "I'm fine," she repeated trying to sound as if she was.

"No, you're not," Rollie contradicted her. "If you were fine, you wouldn't have passed out. You are going to the doctors as soon as possible, even if I have to carry you there." Saying so, Rollie stood then bent and lifted Angie into the cradle of his arms. "You are going to go and lie down and get some rest while I make you an appointment."

"You can use the couch in my office," the director called out. Rollie nodded to indicate he'd heard then started to head in that direction.

"I can walk on my own, Rollie," Angie said in a voice tinged with a mixture of exasperation and exhaustion.

"Your point?" Rollie responded not letting go. A frown revealed her displeasure but the woman in his arms didn't answer.

End Part One
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