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Political Arrangement

Author: Kissa
Pairing: Riddick/Vaako
Rating: PG-13
Beta: the lovely Laurelote
Timeline: The night when Riddick became Lord Marshall
A/N: My first Vaako fic.
Summary: A political arrangement made in private.

I am alive. Rage boils inside me and although it is an all-consuming feeling, I have learned to master it, to use it. I draw my strength from it.

And yet the rage does not surge when he approaches me. When he kneels before me and looks up with complete devotion, my rage goes silent and retreats, like a well-trained hound.

Even my hellhounds like his scent. He did not know how to treat the beasts; he just stood there, probably thinking I had set them on him to offer myself the bloody show of three Hellhounds devouring a Necromonger...

But the beasts merely sniffed him, the female licked his hand and they simply took note that he was part of the pack from now on. He did not understand back then, but the fear began to melt, I felt it in the way his scent changed.

Dame Vaako did the unthinkable and, seeing her husband bow to me, she attacked me herself. Her boiling, fluid black hate hit me full on, but one move was enough for me to send her tumbling back, landing onto her own blade. The blood which gushed from her was not red, it was pitch black.

I looked around and told the kneeling Necromonger elite to stand and leave, an as they did, I went to Lord Vaako and took his hand, leading him out of there. There was no mistake about the fact he was under my protection and he was still second in command to the Lord Marshall... to me.

The Hellhounds followed us and Vaako led me to the Lord Marshall's sleeping chambers and I sat on the bed, beckoning him to join me. He paused for a second, undoing the first set of clasps on his armor and taking it off piece by piece, not pausing when all the metal had come off, unveiling his white, bluish tinted skin bit by bit.

I let him do as he felt was appropriate, and when he was standing naked in front of me, I got up and indicated that he should lie down under the covers and he laid himself down on the bed under the cover, looking at me.

I then went around the bed and climbed on it, on top of the covers, tucking them closely around his body and spooning myself behind him.

"Sleep, Vaako. It is time that you rest. We are safe here." I whispered in his ear and after a long while during which he kept his head turned and stared incredulously at me, his eyes drifted shut and he slept.

The Hellhounds came to sleep at our feet and the alpha female laid her head on Vaako's feet, watching him breathe steadily. Soon the room was filled with their snoring and it surprised me it did not make Vaako jump up and go all defensive. These cats can really rumble...

Even I caught a small nap, being the first to wake, indulging in the sight of Vaako's relaxed features as he slept soundly. I realized that during those few hours, he had begun to absorb warmth from me and his skin was now pleasantly warm to the touch, inviting. I kissed the exposed Necromonger scar on his neck and he came awake with a shiver.

"My Lord Riddick," He said, his awed expression returning to his face. "What is your command?"

I pressed my fingers to his full lips, silencing him.

"To you, from now on, I am just Riddick. Say it."


His long Necromonger years of indoctrination and discipline rebelled against my request, probably rating it intolerable from a traditional point of view.

"Say it, Vaako."

"R... Riddick."

As I watched his lips form my name, I replaced my fingers with my own lips and kissed him dryly, without intruding, wondering at the warmth which filled me at having this Necromonger so close to me and in my power, also wondering at the fact that I wanted to share this warmth with him. Strange...

Because he did not smell beautiful, like the Dame. He smelled clean and honest, his personal scent the only one I perceived from him. No oils, no perfumes and artifices, no hidden tactics. It was refreshing. I liked that.

"What will you do with me? How do you wish that I serve you?"

Pulling back a little so I could watch him, I said:

"I have not worked out the politics of it yet, but for now I would like the entire Basilica to know you are *mine* and my first rule is: No one messes with what's mine and lives to flaunt it."

"Yours." Vaako said, looking downwards, cheeks flushing slightly. "But in what way...?" His voce was so soft asking that question that I had to perk my ears to hear it.

"I have until we reach the Threshold to figure that out, don't I?"

"You do," He said and I felt the "but" hanging in the air.

"But, First among Commanders Vaako?"

"But I wish you would figure it out sooner."

If anyone would have told me, only one day ago, that I would leave Crematoria, become Lord Marshall of the race that annihilated mine and lose my heart to a dead Lord... they would not have survived to finish their phrase.

Necromonger white skin looks quite pretty with a rosy flush spread on pale cheeks.


*This* Necromonger's white skin.


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