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Summary: Times change.
Rated: G
Categories: Science Fiction > Andromeda Characters: Anasazi, Tyr, Gemini, Trance, Harper, Seamus
Genres: Humour
Pairings: Andromeda - Trance Gemini/Seamus Harper
Warnings: Fluff
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 280 Read: 16805
Published: 05 Jan 2006 Updated: 05 Jan 2006

1. Ancient Relics Gather Dust by Meana [Reviews - 0] (280 words)
This story was in response to a 5 minute story challenge posted on May 10, 2002 to the Andromeda_and_Dylan mailing list. In it, you had to write a story using the following three words: soaring, snort, and snorkel. You could use them in any order. Then you wrote for five minutes straight (more if you felt like it) without editing until after you're done. When finished, you could edit or rewrite as you liked. This piece of silliness took me less than 5 minutes to write. :)